Flat Rock 7/15 Drift Games!

posted 11 months ago


Hone your skills at Flat Rock Speedway on July 15th! We will be running several drifting games in the afternoon after open drift. You will have a chance to get a feel for the track in the morning. We will also be watching drivers during open drift in the morning and selecting drivers that are skilled enough to compete in the games.


Drift Limbo

Two cones are placed apart from each other in the infield. Drivers will come down off the bank and slide through the two cones. Drivers must maintain as much angle as possible through the cones to score points. After all drivers have went through the cones at a certain distance, the cones will be moved closer together.

1st Place (10 Points): Driver who can successfully slide through the cones at every stage without hittin them

2nd Place (5 Points)

3rd Place (1 Point)


Flip 'a Bitch (Parallel Parking)

A lane the length of a vehicle is set up with cones/tires. Drivers will come straight towards the lane and then do a 180* slide to "parallel park" their car in the lane.

3-5 attempts. Determned day-of based on how many drivers are playing

1st Place (10 Points): Driver who comes closest to a perfect parallel park

2nd Place (5 Points)

3rd Place (1 Point)


Clipping Point Pinball

Cones are set up along the perimeter of the course layout in certain places. Drivers will run the layout and attempt to knock the boundary cones out with their rear bumper.

1-3 runs. Determined day-of based on how many drivers are playing.

2 points awarded per cone hit

-1 point if any part of the car in front of the quarter panel hits the cone

-1 point if the front of the car hits the cone


Thread the Needle

Cones/tires are set up similar to Drift Limbo, a distance apart. Drivers will come towards the barriers and attempt to spin their car 360* through the two barriers.

3-5 Runs. Determined day-of based on how many drivers are playing.

5 points per successful 360* run

2 points per successful 180* run

-1 point per barrier hit